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236                           LETTERS   FROM   THE

You will find both Colombier and Mereville
in Cassini's maps. The former was a seat of
M. de Gouvernet's.

Mademoiselle du Th£s' Lees were Lit de
repos, Lit de parade and La fleur des Lis. She
herself may have been Lie du peuple.

The French expect an immense emigration
from England at the peace, driven out by taxes
and discontents and tempted by the sale of
national property.

How long did Dutens stay with you ? I must
say for the French, that they are infinitely less
given to forget a friend, to pay him court or to
neglect him on account of his " actions" being
rehausses or abaiss&es, than our John Bulls. I
have always observed that you may fascinate the
most proud and sensible Englishman with a good

You will not suppose old age is creeping
upon me very fast when I tell you that I walked
this morning (being our idle day) to Melun and
back again, nearly twenty miles, and I do not feel
tired in the least. It is such pleasant walking;
a hard sand or mossy turf, and there are such
varieties of wood and rock.

I have been entertained with reading "A
Journey in the Pyrenees, Bareges, Bagni£res, &c."